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About The Founder of Little Tinks



Lynn Robinson is the CEO & Founder of Little Tink's LLC.

Lynn Robinson is a frelanced artist who has worked with several meduims of art: Acrylic, Watercolor, Pointilism, & Drawing Illustration. 

Former student of Art Instruction Schools from 1998-2000, a home based art school. Lynn Robinson has also been featured in several art shows & events: Detroit Rising Artists at the Charles Wright Museum, Black I.D. - at The Carr Center, Hip Hop at Baltimore Art Gallery, as as some pieces are being showcased at the Sherwood Forest Art Gallery. 

A creative mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!!!!   


So why not let the kids paint?!

Lynn Robinson


            The Vision 

Growing up as a child, I would always listen to music while drawing & painting. I absolutely love being creative!!! Art is so powerful in more ways than one!!! Art is therapeutic, invigorating, & it has a positive impact to people's lives & perspective.


Art simply makes life worthwhile !   


I noticed there were no creative activities within the metropolitan community that engaged children to be creatively expressive, or gives them an outlet in a positive way.   

I said to myself, "Kids need a break too!! So why not let them paint?!"

I want to give children the opportunity to be creatively expressive by learning how to use different methods, forms, & mediums of art such as: Acrylic, Watercolor, Pointillism etc., and have fun while doing it !    


If the community doesn't support the children of our future who will ? 





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