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Mobile Gelly Tag (Up to 6 players)

Includes: Combat Arena, Face Masks, Gel Blasters, 3,000 rounds of ammo/player

  • 2 hr
  • 475 US dollars


This Package includes our Inflatable Mobile Combat Arena. A safe space to play a pain-free, mess free version of paintball. Gel Tag is the perfect unique party idea for all occasions safe enough for players from the age of four to eighty-four! We can bring the party to you or your can ask us about our onsite location where we can host your next party! We can currently accommodate 2-6 people per game inside the Mobile Combat Arena with the option to extend your playing field with inflatable bunkers at the additional cost of $25 per bunker Do away with the nerf guns which will have you searching to recover your ammo; Our gel tag blaster hold 800 Gel Beads and they glow in the dark!!! Gel Tag blasters use water filled gel beads that wont stain your clothes. When hit with a Gel bead it will either bounce off of you or simply disintegrate. They are 100% biodegradable causing no harm to the environment. This make clean-up virtually unnecessary because they simply degrade as the beads dry out. , - Mobile Combat Arena - Personal Attendant to help with refills and supervise games. - Each game has a duration of approx. 4-6 minutes. - Gel blaster guns with 3,000 rounds of ammo/player - Extra ammo available - Face Mask protection ** Additional Guests $10 per guest ** ** Additional hours available at the rate of $100/hour **

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